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Fall is a great time to start bringing back around some of my favorite cooking techniques including stewing and braising.  Stewing in fact is on the menu for tonight’s meal, a simple beef stew of super cheap chuck, toss in some onions, carrots and celery for a great weeknight meal that you can start before you even go to work.  How you ask?  The answer is that rarely used old crock pot you probably got as a wedding gift way back when…

Round Programmable Crock-Pot (5-qt.) by Rival

Check the link of above if you weren’t lucky enough to be the recipient of one in the past; it is a great tool for the weeknight meal warrior when properly used…

Check back later for an easy “no recipe – recipe” and photos from tonight’s meal!

Happy Halloween!



The first dinner of the summer season is down and in the books.  The dinner went pretty well, besides forgetting the main ingredient of the Salmon Bomb – the SALMON! however, we re-grouped, got the salmon and completed the dish and it came out great.  Everyone was fed well, and the service was fun and ran smooth.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the season – ps: after looking below, just go ahead and e-mail to book your own Family Meal as dates are being taken up fast!

BBQ Shrimp Eggs RollsBeef Rib DuoPork tenderloinSalmon Bomb w/ crispy rice noodle and pickled cucumber salad

As a college kid with his own business, I am always on the lookout for the MacGyver kitchen utensils, the shoestring budget tools that can get a job done with no frills for less bills.  This staple of every American refrigerator was cleverly introduced to me at a dinner party last night as a great medium for delivering vinaigrette’s (in this case balsamic and sugar as a glaze).  The genius in it of course is that I am a firm believer of mustard in almost all of my vinaigrette’s for use on salad, appetizers, even roast potatoes or a nice piece of grilled fish.  Plus, the unique top of new mustard bottles is the perfect size for a thin consistent stream.  Thanks Jud!


French's Mustard Bottle