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Family Meal is a “Food Production and Outreach” program encompassing many avenues of the food world.  Check out our “Home” page for more info…

Family Meal Seasonal Menus:

Our core service is offering a unique dining opportunity for our Family Meal members in the comfort of your own home.  The menu is typically 4 or more courses long averaging about 2 hours of dining time.  We offer 4 menus a year each determined by seasonal availability of products as well as my personal flavor profiles or way we treat the food (ex. italian, asian, latin etc.).

For these special dinners, we provide service for the evening, including dinnerware and if you choose, silverware as well, however, Family Meal cannot at this time provide beverage glasses.  As far as decorations or table settings, please feel free to use your own chargers, napkins, candles etc. in any fashion you see fit.

If you are interested in hosting a Family Meal Seasonal Dinner Party please check the Main Page for menu information or e-mail:

Family Meal Catering:

In addition to our Seasonal Menus, we offer catering for events with as little as 1 guest to 100.  Our catering menu is based upon parties of 10, simply  and can be simply multiplied to suit your needs.  Please note that even if your party if for 40 people, not all menu items will need to be multiplied by 4, each party is different thus we encourage you to e-mail at so we can plan your party specfically.

Also, we recently began offering our “Drop & Go” meal deals.  This includes menu items derived from our catering menu that suit the needs of your party that Family Meal prepares and drops off at your party location for you to serve and enjoy, all at a lower cost to you.  This unique catering function allows you to enjoy the feasts and flavors of Family Meal at an economical price for large parties.  Not only for typical large events such as birthday parties or anniversaries, but perfect for the weekend get together where you’d rather enjoy the party completely than have to worry about cooking for a crowd.

Let Family Meal become the solution to your entertaining needs!

Catering menu available via e-mail at

Founder Andrew Griggs:

Professional: Family Meal began as a high school senior project.  During my senior year at Sierra High School in Manteca CA, a requirement for graduation was to submit a final project and presentation as part of the culmination of secondary education, my choice was catering.  I did very well with the project and learn during the process that this was something I can do well, make money with and enjoy all at the same time!  With the help of friends and family and most particularly my finance manager: Grandma,we have been able to successfully turn this small hobby into a bourgeoning foodservice productions company slowly but surly over the past 5 years.  Our short term goals are to open our own quick casual dining establishment where we can showcase our humble food, long term we hope to share the Family Meal concept through a variety of retail, commercial and educational ventures.

Personal: Born and raised in the small farm town of Manteca, California – food has been an integral aspect of my life and my passion for “good food, good friends and great eats” and continues to grow every day.  A graduate of Johnson & Wales, Providence Rhode Island I received an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and Bachelors Degree in Foodservice Management.  I currently live in Manteca with my girlfriend Veronica,  just two kids trying to live a Chateau Lafite-Rothschild life on a Budweiser budget, but we’re trying real hard to kick start our long term goals into high gear.

Cheers, and: good food, good friends, great eats!
Catering inquiries: please contact me directly at:

-or- call at 209.481.2375