The summer season is upon us and I want to make sure we all have time to fit our Family Meals in this time around!  Our signature menu leans towards some familiar latin flavors with our own Family Meal twist, always trying to utilize the freshest ingredients from where we live.  Menu options are subject to change depending on harvest availability, I anticipate however a bountiful season and a great menu lined up with some of my favorite foods!  Please check the AVAILABLE DATES TAB to view a list of dates which I will be unavailable

***Please note: A service charge of $25 will be added for travel to locations outside of 20 miles***

The menu this season will run for $40 per person including service for groups of 6-12 people from the beginning of June to the end of August.  E-mail to reserve your date.

Summer Dinner Menu 2010

Albondigas with Summer Soup

Pork pate with pickled tomato and cucumber gazpacho


Sweet Corn Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp, sweet corn relish and cilantro cream


Chipotle Smoked Pork Chop

Chorizo fried rice and zucchini enchiladas


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Hazelnut crust, salted caramel and cayenne cream


Churros and Chocolate

Spiced chocolate with fried dough


“A sweet end”