Menu is out for the Holiday Season 2010.  We are taking reservations starting November 1st through January 15th/16th.  The 5 Course menu will run for $50 per person with service included.  The 5 Course Menu is offered for 6 to 10 guests only, please inquire for parties of 10 or more.  Please note that Friday nights are available on a case by case basis for the holiday season.  Book early to guarantee your Family Holiday Meal as dates are already being taken up!


Holiday Menu 2010

Country Pate

Course ground pork shoulder with focaccia and pickled peppers


Pumpkin Raviolo

Butternut squash, shrimp, bacon, marsala, tomatoes and sage



Bacon wrapped turkey, polenta, apples and pears



Roasted pork loin, braised shoulder, glazed veggies


A Rocky Road

Chocolate almond torte, cocoa mousse, Kahlua meringue


“A sweet end”




Family Meal Catering:

In addition to our Seasonal Menus, we offer catering for events with as little as 1 guest to 100.  Our catering menu is based upon parties of 10, simply  and can be simply multiplied to suit your needs.  Please note that even if your party if for 40 people, not all menu items will need to be multiplied by 4, each party is different thus we encourage you to e-mail at so we can plan your party specifically.

Also, we recently began offering our “Drop & Go” meal deals.  This includes menu items derived from our catering menu that suit the needs of your party that Family Meal prepares and drops off at your party location for you to serve and enjoy, all at a lower cost to you.  This unique catering function allows you to enjoy the feasts and flavors of Family Meal at an economical price for large parties.  Not only for typical large events such as birthday parties or anniversaries, but perfect for the weekend get together where you’d rather enjoy the party completely than have to worry about cooking for a crowd.

Let Family Meal become the solution to your entertaining needs!

Catering menu available via e-mail at

The summer season is upon us and I want to make sure we all have time to fit our Family Meals in this time around!  Our signature menu leans towards some familiar latin flavors with our own Family Meal twist, always trying to utilize the freshest ingredients from where we live.  Menu options are subject to change depending on harvest availability, I anticipate however a bountiful season and a great menu lined up with some of my favorite foods!  Please check the AVAILABLE DATES TAB to view a list of dates which I will be unavailable

***Please note: A service charge of $25 will be added for travel to locations outside of 20 miles***

The menu this season will run for $40 per person including service for groups of 6-12 people from the beginning of June to the end of August.  E-mail to reserve your date.

Summer Dinner Menu 2010

Albondigas with Summer Soup

Pork pate with pickled tomato and cucumber gazpacho


Sweet Corn Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp, sweet corn relish and cilantro cream


Chipotle Smoked Pork Chop

Chorizo fried rice and zucchini enchiladas


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Hazelnut crust, salted caramel and cayenne cream


Churros and Chocolate

Spiced chocolate with fried dough


“A sweet end”

Lamb & cottage fries with lemon vin and kale

The lamb dish

L.A. Gold shrimp and cauliflower couscous with chili broth

Herb and pecorino gnocchi with asparagus, bacon and chard

Pork rillettes and toast with pickled chard stem and red onion served with whole grain mustard

Serving up the cold spring pea soup with sherry vinegar and hot chili sauce

The time from the end of winter to the begining of summer is a fresh and bountiful time of the year.  I am excited to share these recipes for light and fresh foods for the spring season.  The dinner will be offered for the price of $40 for the 5 courses including service.  Please inquire at for further information.

Salmon of the Sea

Salmon salad, chive, roasted garlic mayo

Spring Gnocchi

Herb dumplings, favas, peas and asparagus

Pan Fried Shrimp

Lemon and chili roast shrimp 

Roast Lamb and Cottage Fries

Leg of lamb, lamb fat fried potatoes, kale


Cheesecake and Rhubarb

Cookie crumble, mint

* A Sweet End *

I’ve got a few photos from last night’s event for the Leland’s, a special Valentine’s Day event featuring our 2010 Winter Menu.  Enjoy the photos from your computer, then e-mail to view them at your very own Family Meal in the comfort of your own home…

Hope everyone is taking advantage of this fabulous California weather!


Hello to all and Happy New Years!

This new menu is wrapped up and we are ready to warm the weather in your house with this new menu.  This will be the first winter season for Family Meal in 4 years, and we are excited to offer these comforting and soul stirring dishes.  This is perhaps some of my favorite food to eat myself, think soups and stews, rich and fullfilling foods.

We’ll take bookings now through the begining of March so get your date in today.  The menu will run for $40 per person for parties of 6-10 people.  In addition, we are working on putting together several menus for larger events for the spring and summer so make sure to keep us in mind for your next larger get-together….


Family Meal


    Bacon and Eggs

    Bacon jam on toast with sizzled egg

    Family Meal Chowder

    Shellfish, roasted leek & bacon

    F.M.  Salmon

    New England style stuffed salmon, leek and potato, dill 

    Pork and Polenta

    Porchetta style roast pork shoulder with creamy polenta 


    Warm Chocolate Budino

    Bread, chocolate custard, savory cream sauce

    * A Sweet End *


Fall is a great time to start bringing back around some of my favorite cooking techniques including stewing and braising.  Stewing in fact is on the menu for tonight’s meal, a simple beef stew of super cheap chuck, toss in some onions, carrots and celery for a great weeknight meal that you can start before you even go to work.  How you ask?  The answer is that rarely used old crock pot you probably got as a wedding gift way back when…

Round Programmable Crock-Pot (5-qt.) by Rival

Check the link of above if you weren’t lucky enough to be the recipient of one in the past; it is a great tool for the weeknight meal warrior when properly used…

Check back later for an easy “no recipe – recipe” and photos from tonight’s meal!

Happy Halloween!


Had a terrific timein Murphy’s this past weekend, got to see Diana Krall with Dave Koz and Brian Culbertson side by side at Ironstone which provided me the chance for a wealth of some pretty good Cabernet Franc from Ironstone vineyards, very supple and fruity lots of cherry and a ripe stone fruits on the finish making for a very approachable and easy to drink wine. 

Also took the opportunity to try a 2007 Petite Sirah also from Ironstone that was also very fruit forward (perhaps the nature of the estate?) however the wine was also quite good a nice to have late night on the patio.

And last was the steal of the night at only $6.99, a zin from Calaveras County, Shenandoah Valley Zin was a good balance of berry fruits and spice without and overwhelming sense of coy…a must for fans of zin!

All of these wines were under $15 a bottle, perfect matches for my beer budget!

And just a note from the concert at Ironstone: I cannot say enough to describe how beautiful that venue is at Ironstone, a mix of vineyard, winery and entertainment venue that made for a great night and a terrific concert under a brisk California nightime sky, highly reccomended for a wonderful evening, click through the link and make sure to check out their summer concert series!